The counter
is a product used for fonning the back part of a shoe around the heel in order to improve the strength of the heel's part of a shoe. We manufacture counters from regenerated genuine leather KONIT as per any particular customer's requests. The KONIT counter can be easily fonned and when built-in into the shoe assures a secure walk and finn fit. It connects fine with adhesives, so there are no difficulties by shoe assembly process. We divide counters from KONIT in three basic groups: for ladies', men's and children's shoes.

You would like to provide your market with high-quality shoes, such as they were made by master shoemakers in the past.

Beside the design, the quality and the price, it is extremely important to choose a quality insole for every shoe. The insoles of the highest quality are made of regenerated natural leather. They fit well the shape of the heel, and when being worn they keep the shoes in a nice shape as well.

The insoles made by our company BLUE Ltd. Slovenske Konjice meet all the above requirements. We make insoles for all kinds of footwear, e.g. women's, men's, children's, work, military and orthopaedic footwear. In order to satisfy our customers' demands, we paste the insoles and make them ready-to-wear with a natural or a synthetic lining.

The reasons why you should buy the insoles in the company BLUE Ltd. Slovenske Konjice:

  • because we use the best materials available on the world market
  • because we have knowledge and technology, acquired in a former company KONUS Slovenske Konjice, which used to supply shoe-manufacturers from all over the world for decades
  • because we are able to manufacture the requested amounts of the insoles in the shortest time possible since our capacity comes up to 40,000 pairs of insoles per day
  • because our quality is confirmed by or customers from Germany, Italy, Austria, Belorussia, Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and from other countries
  • because we export 70% of our entire production of the insoles
  • because we supply the biggest and the best Slovenian shoe-manufacturers with our products, and because we have attractive prices